The dolls on this page have been made as one-of-a-kind exhibition pieces over a number of years. They have head and limbs of air-drying clay, rather than my usual all-fabric construction. They are also a departure from my historical costume theme. The amount of work and detail in each far exceeds that given to my production models, with a particular emphasis on hand embroidery and beadwork. I have only rarely offered them for sale and I shall continue to enjoy them on my display shelf, but thought you might like the chance to see them too, or even acquire them for your display shelf instead. There are now only these two left.

Tilberthwaite, Cumbrian Stone Wizard  195

Single figure seated on a throne of real slate. 7 1/2 inches high x 7  inches wide x 7 inches deep.

Head & hands air-drying clay.

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NB this figure is not suitable for posting as that slate throne makes him much too heavy. In the unlikely event of anyone wishing to purchase him, it would have to be by collection only.



Bird of Paradise  175

Single figure. 12 inches high x 5 inches wide x 6 inches deep.

All but lower torso air-drying clay.

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