Although the Edwardian period is strictly speaking from 1901 to 1910, in fashion and dolls house terms we can include the late Victorian from about 1890 for children and men particularly, and for women's every day dress and continue up to the First World War in 1914. However, the true Edwardian styles for ladies were very characteristic, with sweeping flared skirts, frilled bodices that emphasised a matronly bosom, and big hats. Remember that if you want a teddy bear in your nursery you should go for Edwardian or later as they were not introduced until 1902. For the appropriate men and servants in your Edwardian house, do check out the Victorian and Vicwardian pages as well as this one.

Emily, 3-4 year old girl in smock dress 1880-today   43

Rosalind, lady in indoor dress 1900-10   53   In stock

Nigel, young man in frock coat 1890-1910 53   In stock

Edwardian parlourmaid, lady and teenage girl


Marie, parlourmaid 1890-1910   43  In stock

Audrey, older lady in indoor dress 1900-10   58    (no more in this fabric )

Caroline, 14-15 year old girl 1890-1910   48  In stock




Dulcie #1, 7-8 year old girl in dress & pinafore 1890-1915  43  

Emma, 7-8 year old girl in sailor suit 1880-1920    43 

Lavinia, lady in indoor dress 1890-1912   43  In stock

Matthew, 7-8 year old boy in sailor suit 1880-1920    33 



Edwardian lady in evening dress


Estelle, lady in evening dress 1900-10   53

Michelle, lady in winter coat & hat 1900-12    53 

Josie, 7-8 year old girl in coat & beret 1890-1910    53   In stock


Gilbert, gentleman in lounge suit 1880-today   53  In stock

Rebecca, 10-11 year old girl in pinafore 1890-1915   43  

Louisa, lady in jacket & skirt 1890-1910   53  In stock


Marcus, 14-15 year old boy in sailor suit 1840-1920's  43

Dulcie #2, 7-8 year old girl in dress & pinafore 1890-1915 43  

Mildred, older lady in jacket & hat 1890-1910    53

Clara, 14-15 year old girl in everyday dress 1890-1910   43

Miriam, lady in cape-style coat 1900-12   53

Anthony, 12-13 year old boy in Norfolk suit 1880-1910    43 

Delia, lady in outdoor dress 1900-08   53   In stock

Raymond, gentleman in morning suit with pin-stripe trousers 1900-today    53 

Lucy, 5-6 year old girl in pinafore 1890-1915   33  In stock

Grace, lady in summer dress and hat 1900-08   53  

Cyril, gentleman in blazer & flannels 1880-1920's   53

Esther, older lady in silk suit & hat 1900-15    63


Cecilia, Bride 1890-1910 (Note - each Bride will be different as I am using fragments of vintage lace. This one has been sold.)  63

Edgar, Bridegroom 1890-today   53  In stock

Dora, 3-4 year old bridesmaid 1890-1910    43  In stock


Cynthia, lady in hobble skirt 1910-15  63

Sybil, stout lady in formal dress & hat 1890-1910 (No more in this colour)    53

Hector, older man in frock coat 1890-1915    53


Arthur, stout man in frock coat 1890-1915    53  In stock

Enid, older lady in formal dress & hat 1900-15  63  In stock

Julia, 7-8 year old girl in summer coat & hat 1900-15    43

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