Now we are into periods that you can research simply by looking through the family photograph album. The dolls that I have made in this category have mostly been specific requests from customers. There are groups from the 1920's to1950's, but remember that anything else you fancy can probably be made to order. For present day figures  - see Next.

For some strange reason every time I upload this page the GB Pounds signs change to a Capital L. If that is what you are seeing, please be assured that all my prices are quoted in GBP and the amount is correct, even if the symbol is not.

Sidney, WW1 soldier   66

See the Gallery for how he has recently been put to use.

Cynthia, lady in hobble skirt 1910-15  66

Vincent, gentleman in two piece suit 1900-today   56  In stock

Violet, lady in evening dress 1920's    56

Leslie, gentleman in evening dress 1910-60  56  

Ruby, parlourmaid / waitress 1920-40   46  



Ada, lady in blouse & skirt 1920's  56

Reginald, gentleman in 'plus fours' & waistcoat 1910-35  56

Daphne, lady in afternoon dress 1920's   56



Ralph, gentleman in evening dress 1910-60    56  In stock

Flora, lady in evening dress 1920's   46  

New, as yet un-named, 7-8 year old girl 1920's   46

Kay, lady in skirt & cardigan 1930's  56

Frank, miner, or any other working man 1890-1960   56  

Lady in day dress of 1930's. No more in this fabric, but could work in ivory/blue print as worn by Jessica #1 on the Victorian page.

Margot, lady in pink 'backless' evening gown 1930's   56  In stock

Ralph, gentleman in evening dress 1910-60    56  In stock

Margot #2, lady in green 'backless' evening gown with cape sleeves 1930's   56

Freda, housewife / cleaner 1930-60   46 (she can be made with or without a headscarf)   

Shirley #2, 7-8 year old girl in dress & cardigan 1930-60   46

Michael, gentleman in sports jacket & pullover 1930-60   56 


Sheila, 3-4 year old girl 1930-60   36 

Marjorie, expectant mother 1940-60  56

Colin, 7-8 year old boy 1930-60   46 

1940's British forces

All  1940's figures -

Eric, Soldier   56  

Beryl, Land Army girl in uniform   46  

Nicholas, Army Officer  56 

Douglas, Airman   56  In stock

Iris, Land Girl in overalls  46 

Howard, Naval Officer 56 

Walter, Able Seaman  56



Edna, WVS lady  56  In stock

Glenda,  lady in typical 1940's suit  46 

ARP Warden   66  




Kevin, 3-4 year old boy in sweater & shorts 1930-60   36 

Rita, lady in print dress 1940's  46  In stock  

Roy, gentleman in waistcoat & slacks 1930-60  46   In stock

Doreen, lady in skirt & cardigan 1940-60 46  

Brenda, lady in suit & hat 1940's  56   

Dorothy 10/11 year old girl in pinafore dress 1930-60  46  In stock


Muriel, 1940's bride  56 to order, but one only In stock @ 30

Her bridegroom is Nicholas, 56 as listed above 

Clement, clergyman  56  In stock


Gertrude, senior lady in skirt & blouse 1930-60   36 

Jimmy and Jill, 3-4 year old twins 1930-60  36 each

Wilfrid, grandfather in pullover 1930-today   36  In stock

Ivan, the Teddy Boy 1950's   56

Jean, his trendy girlfriend   59 

Two more characters from the 'Teddy Boy' era -

Gillian with the 'bobby socks' and blue or pink blouse  46

Ronnie, Blonde 'Ted'  49 

Norman, gentleman in trench coat & cap 1930-60    46  In stock

Pamela, 7-8 year old girl in coat & beret 1930-60   46  In stock

Brian, 3-4 year old boy in coat & balaclava 1930-60   46  In stock

Jenny, 7-8 year old girl in gymslip 1900-70  46

Betty, lady in blouse, skirt & apron 1945-60    46

Shirley #3, 7-8 year old girl in dress & cardigan 1930-60  46

Graham, 10-11 year old schoolboy 1930-60    46  In stock 

Bruce, Postman, 1940's-50's  66

Percy,  shopkeeper, in the style of 'Arkwright'  46

Doris, lady in coat & hat 1950's  56

Shirley #1, 7-8 year old girl in dress & cardigan 1930-60   46   

Joyce, shop assistant 1930-60  36 

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