All these have been made as Commissions and are repeatable except where indicated. Several are miniature versions of costumes in my History of Costume series.

Gentleman and Lady of around 1330


Gentleman 58 and Lady in Court dress 68 1350-80


Older lady in wimple and veil 1320-80 61

Lady in sideless surcoat - otherwise known as the 'Windows of Hell' 1330-80. I have no more of this deep pink fabric, but there are other possibilities and she would be priced at 61.

14-15 year old page boys 14th century 41 each

14th-15th Century working men 48 each

Henry V and Catherine de Valois

Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou


Romeo and Juliet


Lady in the style of Van der Weyden, c. 1450

Gentleman in the style of Durer

Gentleman of around 1470

Family group of 1485, the year of Richard III's death at the Battle of Bosworth and accession of Henry VII, so could be seen as the beginning of Tudor style or the end of Medieval. They could therefore be on this page or the Tudor one.

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