Note - not dollshouse size

Here are few dolls that don't really fit in anywhere else as they are not strictly historical.

Merlin, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere

This is my interpretation of how they may have dressed, if they existed at all. Their crowns are based on those worn by the Byzantine Emperors, with whom they are contemporary. Arthur's cloak has a large red dragon emblem and he carries the great sword, Excalibur. Guinevere's gown is white satin and her red-lined cloak is 'cloth of gold'. I see Merlin in lots of flowing drapery and his long hair blown about by the winds of magic.

50 each to clear.   These will be the last of their kind and are in stock.

Special Offer - Buy all three together for 120

Christmas Tree Fairy (approx 6 inches high)

This is the latest version, in shades of blue, but there are many others possible to suit your colour scheme, as she is only made to order.

I have loads of ideas and suitable fabrics - pink, blue, purple, lilac, red, green, turquoise, brown, yellow, black (now wouldn't that be dramatic, and very cutting-edge), as well as the usual white, all trimmed with either gold, silver or bronze. Below are four variations on the theme.

 60 Made to order only

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